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Good Driving Practice

When you drive with 4front Driving School we encourage you to excercise self discipline, concentrating persistently to read the road well ahead, just as we do. To drive at speeds at which you can stop safely within the distance you can see clearly, anticipating the actual and potential hazards.
We want you to become cautious, patient and considerate drivers.
We will encourage you to apply the cars controls gradually and smoothly. If you can achieve this then you can become a driver who can demonstrate a safe and sympathetic driving style that is effective and economical.

If you are ready to learn to drive then learn with 4front Driving School,
We offer a range of driver training services in and around Loughborough

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Try our £50 trial Lesson

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Try our 2 hour £50 trial lesson before committing. Want to change your instructor? No problem- we can include an assessment in your trial lesson and see where you are in terms of progress and preparation for your test.  Give Simon a call today. 07905657229 Or email Offers available for new students. What are you waiting for?


4front Driving SchoolDriving Lessons in & around Loughborough Roundaboutsroundabout (also known as a traffic island) is a road circle joining three or more roads. Drivers follow a simple rule to avoid accidents.In the UK where we drive on the left: At the island you must give way to traffic coming from your right as they have priority.The driver goes round the island in a clockwise direction.Roundabouts aren’t just tricky for learner drivers, many experienced drivers with years of driving under their belt can find these sections of road the hardest to manage. Thankfully, there are a number of rules to keep you and other drivers alike safe.The aim of the roundabout is to keep the traffic flowing, but this can only be achieved if everyone on the roundabout keeps to these rules. Among these are rules on how to signal on approach to and when coming off of a roundabout.You can read up more on roundabouts in the highway code.Priority
You should give way to traffic from the right on a ro…