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X Sign on Motorways - Changes To The Highway Code

Today (25 July 2019) Highway Code rule 258 has been updated to provide details about red ‘x’ signs on motorways. The amends are: Red flashing lights. If red lights flash on a signal and a red “X” is showing, you MUST NOT drive in the lane shown as closed beyond the signal. This applies until you pass another signal indicating that the lane is no longer closed, by displaying the word “End” or a speed limit sign and you are sure that it is safe to proceed. Red flashing lights. If red lights flash on a signal in the central reservation or on the side of the road and lane closed sign is showing, you MUST NOT go beyond the signal in any lane. Read the full changes:

A record number of on-street EV chargepoints has been installed in the UK

Great news: A record number of on-street EV chargepoints has been installed in the UK. UK local authorities have installed over 700 on-street electric vehicle chargepoints so far, with more to come! Learn more about the benefits of the On-Street Residential Chargepoint Scheme & how to get involved:

Peugeot e-208 review

Peugeot e-208 review: electric prototype driven Sent via @updayUK

Car Secrets

9 Car Secrets Only Experienced Drivers Know Sent via @updayUK

Music in my test

Music creates moods, relaxes the mind and motivates performance. Did you know? Did you know that you can request music in the background during your driving test? Music can calm your nerves. “Music can calm your nerves, you don't have to talk to the examiner, it breaks the silence and can help you focus, choose music wisely, calming, that hits the spot that is non offensive.”​ Be prepared and plan your test. “Plan what you want out of it, plan your playlist, know how to turn on and set up the music before you set off at a sensible non distracting volume.”​

Mock Tests

What is a mock test? A mock driving test is a practice run of the real thing. Your instructor will start the lesson in the same way an examiner would start the test and assess you with feedback using a copy of the marking sheet used by the examiner. They'll explain how the mock test works, what they'll be assessing you on and what you'll be required to do during the drive. What is the point? A mock test is a great way for you and your instructor to see how well you have progressed and gives you some realistic feedback including some targets to set for your next lesson or next mock test. You need to show your instructor that you can get a good score in a mock test - enough to get a good pass on the day. What if I don't do well? You should not expect your first mock test to be perfect. It is a way for you to reflect back on your performance and come up with ideas with your instructor as to how you will improve on your faults next time round. When am I going to be rea

EVA approved retailers

Buying an electric vehicle? Look out for #EVAapproved retailers! Supported by the Energy Saving Trust, Department for Transport, Office for Low Emission Vehicles and National Franchised Dealers Association, the scheme includes a set of standards for electric vehicle retail and aftersales that have been established to ensure that the automotive industry is ready to embrace the electrification of the UK car market. The EVA accreditation is awarded to individual dealership locations that are independently audited by the Energy Saving Trust. Find out more here:

Watch What Others Do

Watch what others do Be critical Watching friends, family or coleagues driving can help you decifer right from wrong. What mistakes are they making, how should they do it? What would you do in that situation?


Here is a list of expectations you should be able to tick before taking your test. Smooth driving, Smooth gear changing, Early braking, Smooth braking, Good all round observation, Regular mirror checks, Keeping to the speed limit, Making progress, Avoiding unnecessary hesitation, Planning ahead, Control pulling away, Keeping up to the speed of the vehicles in front, Reacting to all hazards and situations, Good lane discipline, Not going above the speed limit, Responding to road markings, Reading and responding road signs accordingly, Reacting correctly to traffic lights, Reacting to vehicles in front,

Under The Bonnet

Become familiar with the controls on your dashboard, take a photo and label them. You need to be able to operate them safely whilst driving to perform the show me exercise. Get familiar with your cars controls and what is under the bonnet Picture it, label it, Learn it.

First Impressions When Taking Your Driving Test

“Firstimpressions are so important, it's almost like going for an interview. Think about what you want the examiner to make of you when they call you over. They should not judge you in anyway really, but how would you feel if someone approached you who you didn't know anything about? Avoid having your hoodie up, avoid confrontation, you are not expected to shake hands, be your self, be polite, be honest. You are not there to be their friend, you will only be with them for 40 minutes. You are there to prove that you have learnt to be a safe driver and that you arecompetent enough to carry this out without their help. Think about how you should turn up to the test. 'You want to Pass'

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What are the benefits of learning to drive when you are young?

What are the benefits of learning to drive when you are young? There are many benefits of learning to drive when you are young from getting to places quicker, giving you more freedom, increasing your employability, improving your social status and most importantly your independence. If the cost of running a car worry you - write down some figures and plan how you might fund things. Yes it does cost money to learn and yes it does cost money to run and insure a car. But learning when you are young you don't have commitments such as mortgages, bills, rent etc so your outgoings are less. If you have to add this on later in life it can be more inconvenient. Read on to find out how to budget for your lessons, car insurance etc.   IT  CAN SAVE YOU TIME Leaning to drive at a young age you have more time on your hands - free periods at college or Uni, evenings and weekends with no commitments, mortgage or bills to pay. Then to pass at a young age will have so many great benefits.

What will happen on the day of my driving test?

What will happen on the day of my practical driving test? On the day of your test you will arrive at your designated test centre 10 minutes before your test. If it has a car park then you will be required to reverse bay park into an allocated space with your instructor. You will then sit in a waiting room until your name is called by your selected examiner. Make use of the toilet when you get there as an empty bladder is better when taking a test as it makes you feel more comfortable. Have the car key and your driving license ready to show the examiner when you are called over. When your name is called, you will be required to sign the insurance declaration at the top of the test paper. You will also be asked if you want your instructor to accompany you on the test. They will not be able to do anything or say anything during the test, but for some it is reassurance and helps them understand where they may have gone wrong if they have not passed. You will then lead the way to your car.

How to pass my driving test - Free App

Free APP Check out the free App developed by us at 4front Driving School to help and support Learner Drivers pass their test. Available to download via the website or Via Google Play Store