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Try our £50 trial Lesson

4front Driving School on Google: Try our 2 hour £50 trial lesson before committing. Want to change your instructor? No problem- we can include an assessment in your trial lesson and see where you are in terms of progress and preparation for your test.  Give Simon a call today. 07905657229 Or email Offers available for new students. What are you waiting for?

App can now be used with iPhones

Our App which can be downloaded for free via Google play can now be viewed as a website on your phone / tablet / PC which makes it compatible for iPhone users.

Driving Lessons discounted for new students.

Driving lessons available with Simon @ 4front Driving School. An introductory block of 10 hours for £220 available for a short period only, which is available for any new pupil regardless of experience.  Approved driving instructor with great reputation for teaching style and reliability, have structured lessons so you learn and pass quicker.  You can contact me either through Facebook, text message or just by give me a call. 07905657229.  What you waiting for? lets get driving!!

Tips for learner drivers - planning ahead, addressing mistakes, taking responsibility

Tips for Learner Drivers Addressing Mistakes: When learning to drive it is important to reflect back on mistakes you make. Mistakes are normal and part of learning. Its very important that you can understand why you might have made the mistake and what you would do next time to prevent it from happening again. This will help you become a safe and competent driver. If you make a mistake and realise you have made an error - discuss it with your instructor. Try and address what you think you should have done differently. This is good self assessment. Planning Ahead: By observing the traffic lights ahead you can see, learn and eventually predict the sequence of lights - what might happen next? When are they likely to change? Will I need to slow down, can I continue to go if I slow down a bit before the lights with the anticipation of them changing from red to green by the time I get there? Take responsibility: Try and take responsibility as a learner driver as soon as possible. Y

Tips for success and safe driving (planning Ahead)

Tips for success and safe driving  (planning Ahead) It is important to be a safe driver who handles the vehicle sympathetically and economically. To be able to drive with courtesy and consideration. Here at 4front Driving School we aim to help you achieve this. To help you progress to this level look and plan well ahead, anticipating what may happen and compensate for the mistakes of others. Try and explain why you made those decisions and talk to your instructor about it. Your commentary may benefit you when taking your test as it helps to reinforce your decisions to the examiner.  This will help you prepare for the hazard perception test as you are looking and planning well ahead to anticipate and prepare for hazards before you reach them. Start looking early junctions so that you can take opportunities to proceed as soon as you are sure it is safe to do so. More tips can be found by downloading our free APP - How to pass my driving test.