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What’s the difference between a manual and an automatic car?

What’s the difference between a manual and an automatic car? You will discover that most cars are available in both manual and automatic versions, but what’s the difference?  You will also find that many manufacturers are offering their automatic models in electric and / or hybrid versions too. You won't however find a manual version of an electric or hybrid car. So basically when you compare an automatic against a manual, it’s down to the gearbox. With a manual car, you’ll have to change gears yourself with the aid of a clutch and gear stick, while an automatic car changes gears by itself, depending on the speed you are travelling, rate of acceleration and revs. When comparing the function of automatic and manual manual cars you will find that an automatic has just two pedals - the accelerator and brake. Where as the manual has a gear stick and a third pedal to operate the clutch. Because of these extra components, manual cars are more difficult to learn to drive in than automatic

Driving Tips For Control And Fuel Efficiency

Its important for a driver to input safety margins to take control of the car that compensate for human error, minor lapses in concentration and the mistakes made by other road users. By having this system in place should help you maintain control of your vehicle in a coordinated comfortable way. A smooth and controlled Driving approach can reduce fuel consumption up to 10%. Keeping revs below 2000 and taking your foot of the accelerator going down hill can reduce fuel consumption up to 30%. Avoiding driving with car windows and sunroof open reduces drag and saves fuel. It's more efficient to use the aircon than keep windows open on long journeys. Use cruise control or a speed limiter when you can as this can also help reduce fuel consumption. If you are interested in learning to drive then please visit our website at  Or email us at  Or call Simon on 07905657229 Follow us on Facebook at

Good Driving Practice

When you drive with 4front Driving School we encourage you to excercise self discipline, concentrating persistently to read the road well ahead, just as we do. To drive at speeds at which you can stop safely within the distance you can see clearly, anticipating the actual and potential hazards. We want you to become cautious, patient and considerate drivers. We will encourage you to apply the cars controls gradually and smoothly. If you can achieve this then you can become a driver who can demonstrate a safe and sympathetic driving style that is effective and economical. If you are ready to learn to drive then learn with 4front Driving School, We offer a range of driver training services in and around Loughborough Visit our website at 

Managing Anxiety And Nerves

This is a guide that 4front Driving School have put together to help you manage and potentially overcome your driving test nerves. It is very common to be nervous about your test, but you need to find a way to reduce the nerves so that they don't impact on the outcome of your test. This post highlights some of our previous tips and some new ones that you might want to consider using and maybe even develop or put in place with your instructor on the lead up to your test. So like we said driving test nerves are common and nerves as a whole do affect everybody to some degree, so we advise all our students to consider reading this post and see if some of the tips work for them. Nerves can come in different forms such as anxiety, panic, stress, or emotions, so we're going to address some tips and some strategies that you might be able to put to good use. And hopefully it will help you to calm some of those nerves. Can you describe your nerves?  What are they about and how does it ma

Changes to how driving lessons will work - COVID 19

We have made some changes to how driving lessons will work to fit in line with the requirements to reduce the risk of COVID 19. Watch our Aninated Video